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Chiropractic care:
spinal decompression Corrective exercise
muscle work: dry needling, ultrasound, myofascial work

Proteus motion: Sports specific
performance testing & training for return to play or improving performance & skill

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chiropractic clinic

Providing Out of Network Chiropractic Care and Rehabilitation in order to better serve our community

sports performance testing center

We are the Only Location in San Antonio and 1 of 3 locations in all of Texas to have Proteus Motion Technology

Why we don’t accept insurance

Insurance companies put limitations on treatments. In order for us to get you feeling your best as quick as possible we opted to stay out of network. We are able to provide our patients with extensive care without limitations which allows you to receive the best comprehensive treatment available.

What is Proteus Motion?

A revolutionary piece of technology that professional athletes use in order to measure strength and power in all dimensions for the first time ever! You can now see how you rank amongst others in your category of sport, see muscle imbalances that reveal risk of injury, be given insights to directly visualize where you need to improve in motion, power, acceleration, strength etc, These insights can be sent directly to strength and conditioning coaches as well as trainers to help improve your performance, It can also be used as a strength training program which is safe for post op and return to play.

Do I need to play a sport to try out proteus?

Proteus motion is safe and accessible for all individuals as young as 9 years old. Whether you’re an athlete looking for a D1 Scholarship or looking for general fitness Proteus Motion is great for everyone.

We work with athletes of all ages:
youth, junior high, collegiate, and professional athletes.

Send us an email if you’re interested in your program having access to Proteus Motion Assessments and training. [email protected]


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